Making Your First Claim

Once you find a spot you would like to settle down in, claiming your land is easy. Just stand in the spot you would like to protect and type /claim . Now that chunk is protected!
Your first 4 chunks are free!
After you claim, you will see your claim borders highlighted like so:
Claim Outline
This green outline shows you the exact area that is protected. If you need to see your claim borders again at any time, just time /lands view. To continue claiming more land, just move around to different chunks and type /claim.
Make a mistake? Type /unclaim to remove any chunks you claimed accidentally!

Claim Costs

After you claim your first four chunks, you will realize that claiming additional chunks costs coins! The starting price per chunk is 100 coins, but that will increase by 10% for every additional chunk you claim.
Be aware! If no claim members are online for 14 consecutive days, your claim will expire and be open for other players to raid!

Trusting Your Friends

Use the command /trust to invite friends and other players to your claim. Determine their role and permissions by using /lands setrole <player>. You can determine precisely what roles have access to in your land (or even create new roles) in the /lands -> roles menu.
Take the time to explore the /lands menu. This menu is your best friend when it comes to managing everything that has to do with your land.

All Lands Commands

/Lands Description: Open the menu.
/Lands help [page] Description: Display command usages of Lands.
/Lands claim Description: Claim chunks.
/Lands create Description: Create a land.
/Lands merge <land> Description: Merge a land (parameter) into your other land.
/Lands accept <land> Description: Accept invites.
/Lands chat [land] <message> Description: Chat with land.
/Lands delete Description: Delete your land.
/Lands deny Description: Deny invite.
/Lands deposit [land] <amount> Description: Deposit money to land bank.
/Lands edit <land> Description: Enter edit mode for a land. Actions like /Lands claim will be executed for this land.
/Lands info [land] Description: Show information about a land.
/Lands invites Description: Open received invites GUI.
/Lands leave <land> Description: Leave a land.
/Lands map Description: Show lands map.
/Lands menu Description: Open Lands GUI. Append "here" to the command to open the GUI for the chunk you're standing in.
/Lands menu here Description: Open Lands GUI for the chunk you're standing in.
/Lands rename [land] <new name> Description: Rename land.
/Lands setrole <player> <area,*> <role> Description: Set a role of a player. The area parameter defines a sub area of the land.
/Lands setspawn Description: Set spawn for land.
/Lands spawn [land] Description: Teleport to land spawn.
/Lands top Description: Show top ten lands.
/Lands trust <player> [area,*] Description: Trust a player. Area parameter is optional.
/Lands unclaim Description: Unclaim a chunk.
/Lands unclaimall Description: Unclaim all chunks for the land.
/Lands untrust <player> [area,*] Description: Untrust player. Area parameter is optional.
/Lands view Description: Visualize land borders.
/Lands withdraw [land] <amount> Description: Withdraw money from land bank.
/Lands taxes Description: View upcoming tax payments.
/Lands rent Description: Manage rentals.
/Lands relations Permission: lands.command.relations