🐣 Pets

Hatch and raise pets and select their skill set.

Acquiring pets

Pets hatch from the Pet Egg Crate at /warp Pets. To open the crate you will need a Pet Egg Key. Every player gets a free pet key after completing their first 7 votes and more keys with later vote milestones (see ranks). To purchase additional pet keys, visit the Crate Key vendor on the boat at /shops.

Feeding your pet

To view detailed pet information, use command:


Listed in the information, you will find your pet's preferred food. Simply right-click your pet with his food of choice to feed him/her and recover his/her health.

Pet Menu

Open the pet menu with /pet. From the menu you can:

  • Access your pet storage

  • Store your active pet

  • Select your active pet's skill tree

  • Access your pet inventory (if it has one)

  • View additional pet commands

Pet Skill Trees