Pet Skill Trees

Choose what your pet can do by selecting a pet skill tree.

Select a skill tree in the /pet menu or use /pcst as a shortcut to access the skill select menu.

Skill Tree



A melee fighter. Does the most melee damage of any pet skill tree.


A utility pet. Has the largest inventory of any pet. Can also pickup items for it's master.


A pet focused on defense. Has the highest health of any pet skill tree.


A tank pet. Has high defense and health. Has an area stomp attack skill


A ranged specialist. The strongest non-magic ranged attacks of any pet-tree. Chance to inflict poison at higher levels.


A ranged magic type. Shoots snowballs, fireballs and wither skulls at higher levels.


A speedy ride. Has small inventory space, and can be mounted by right clicking with a lead.

Flying Mount

Similar to the mount skill tree, with the added bonus of being able to fly at pet level 50.