Lunacraft has a few very basic rules in place to ensure a fun environment for everyone.
The staff team on Lunacraft just generally does not want to have to play babysitter. First and foremost we just expect everyone to treat others respectfully. If you're thinking of doing something and you have to doubt whether or not it's against the rules, it's probably best to just not do it. Use some common sense, please.



  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia etc.
  • Intentional disrespect
  • Political or religious conversation (pls, just play block gaem)
  • Excessive vulgarity
  • Insulting other players
  • Cheating of any kind
  • Auto-clickers (not just programs, taping your mouse or whatever counts too!)
  • Clients that alter gameplay
  • X-raying
  • Alternate accounts. Please only use one account per real player. Alts will be banned.
The staff team reserves the right to take action against anyone who we deem too immature or generally detrimental to the health of the community. Please remember that the staff team is here to preserve the fun for the masses, not JUST YOU. If you prove yourself to be a negative addition to the community we will remove you.



Griefing is not allowed on the server, but Lunacraft defines grief a little differently than most servers so please read.

You can raid when:

  • You find a completely unclaimed base with no signs of recent activity

You cannot raid when:

  • The player who built the base is online and active
  • There was a clear attempt to claim but maybe a small section was left unclaimed accidentally
  • The owner of the "unclaimed" base is online and present (don't be an asshole)
We allow raiding of unclaimed builds to clean up inactive random builds and to encourage players to claim their builds. We don't allow raiding to cause toxicity, so please don't be rude intentionally. Use common sense and remember that we are all here to have fun, not to hurt other people.
The staff team reserves the right to determine when a case of "griefing" is bannable.
Just to reinforce it: CLAIM YOUR STUFF. The staff team is not going to spend all day tracking down people who took/broke your things. You are provided with the tools to protect your land and it is quite simple. Use the claim system or do not complain when your things go missing.