Towny Basics

A basic overview of Towny and how to setup your first claim.

Joining an existing town via invite

A town mayor or assistant may invite you to their town using the command:

/t invite <player-name>

The invite recipient will recieve the following message in their chat box:

The recipient can simply click to accept or deny.

Joining an open town

Some towns may have their doors open for new residents to join of their own accord. To browse towns, use command:

/t list

The above command will show a list with the following format:

Join any town listed as (Open) using the command:

/t join <town-name>

Starting a new town

The command to start a new town:

/t new

Using the above command will start a town where you stand. The initial cost is 500 lumins and the initial daily upkeep is 5 lumins. As your town grows in size, upkeep will scale. Check your Towny expenses with:

/towny prices

Be sure to deposit money in the town bank to pay daily upkeep so your town does not fall into ruin.

/t deposit <amount>

Use the deposit command to ensure your town has the funding for daily upkeep. Upkeep is removed from your town bank once every 24 hours.

Claiming more town land

Towny claims are chunk based. To add a new chunk to your claim, stand in it and use command:

/t claim

To claim a new chunk, it must be attached to your town's home chunk (unless it is an Outpost, more on that later). See chunk borders by pressing keys F3 + G.

Visualize chunk borders with F3 + G

Assigning resident plots

/plot claim

You may define a price, or allow residents to clai mthe plot for free. Residents may claim any for sale plot using the command:

/plot forsale

A town mayor or co-mayor can list any plot for sale with command:

Reclaiming a ruined town

If your town doesn't have enough money for upkeep it will fall into ruins. Once the town is in ruins, any town member may reclaim the town using the command:

/t reclaim

It costs 500 lumins to reclaim a ruined town.

Town Permissions

Towny Mayors and Co-mayors can set detailed town permissions. They can define exactly what residents, nation allies and outsiders have access to on a per plot basis. Explore the town menu with:


And the plot menu with:


These menus have many uses that you should explore, though the most important feature by far are the permission menus.

Note that plot permissions override town permissions.